An inspection is required to determine a solution, removal services are available all seasons, please give us a call for a quote.

The most common nuisance birds reported from our local residential and commercial clients are the starling, the grackle, and the woodpecker.  Birds normally nest in trees but will also commonly nest in attics, soffits, bath exhaust vents, gutters and other places where they find cover.  An onsite inspection is needed to properly determine the best solution to resolve your problem.  Damage repairs and prevention are sometimes an important part of the process to keep these unwanted critters away.  Our professionally trained technicians will evaluate your situation and determine the best method to safely and humanely remove these problem critters.  For prompt, professional, and courteous service, call family owned and operated ASAP Critter People at 513-941-0258 today!  THE LEADER OF THE PACK!