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Ground Hog Animal Removal Read More


The groundhog, AKA “woodchuck” or “whistle pig” is primarily active during the daylight hours. Groundhogs are usually brownish-gray with a short tail well covered in dark brown or black fur. The groundhog weights about 5 -10 lbs., average length is 16 – 20 inches long and has a tail 3 – 6 inches long. The […]

Mole Animal Removal Read More


Moles are small mammals that are most well known for living in tunnels underground. Moles are commonly found in neighborhood of Cincinnati and the surrounding areas.

Moles have long, curved claws which the moles use to burrow underground. Moles can quickly create long tunnels under the surface of the earth and the tunnel entrances can easily be identified by the mounds of earth that appear (normally all over your garden lawn)! These mounds of soil are commonly known as mole hills.

Bird Removals Cincinnati Read More


Birds of a feather flock together! This is true! They do in this section, where we’ll give you a sampling of the 462 species of birds you’ll find across Canada.

And where do most birds gather in Canada? In British Columbia, where you may find 362 species, and in Ontario, where 318 species regularly appear.

Many of these species migrate to find suitable breeding grounds, more favorable temperatures and food supplies in winter. Some of them travel great distances—in the fall, many Canada geese make the trip from the Arctic to parts of the United States, sometimes covering more than 1 000 km in one day.

Spend some time in this section. If you find you’d like even more information concerning our feathered friends, find your way to Issues and Topics.

Bat Removals Cincinnati Ohio Read More


There are 13 recorded species of bats in the Ohio area. The little brown bat is the most common species in this area. Its fur is uniformly dark brown on the upper parts with a

Chipmunk Animal Removal Read More


The chipmunk AKA “Ground Squirrel” is reddish brown with black and white stripes running down their back. The chipmunk is 5”-6” long with a tail that’s 3”-4” long and weighs about 3 oz. Chipmunks use their pouched cheeks to store and carry food to their burrows. Chipmunks are active during the daytime.

Skunk Animal Removal Read More


The stiped skunk, AKA “stinky weasel” is a nocturnal animal that is a member of the weasel family. It is the most common skunk seen or smelled in the Cincinnati area. The skunk is about the size of a house cat with a small head and short legs and weigh 3-10 lbs.

Cincinnati Squirrel Removal Read More


The grey squirrel, AKA “tree rat” has predominantly gray fur with a brownish color and usually a white underbelly.  The squirrel is known for his bushy tail that is 6”-10” long. The bushy tail has many important functions. It helps with balance when the acrobatic squirrel jumps from place to place and it provides warmth.

Raccoon Animal Removal Read More


The raccoon, AKA “masked bandit” or “coon” are best known for their black mask at their eyes that is rimmed on top and bottom with white, and their ringed tail.  Raccoons look fuzzy and cute but are vicious by nature when they feel threatened.  Raccoons are usually greyish black in color and the tail is […]

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